Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marie France - free advertising through hearsay

So for once Beirut/NTSC was behind the times. It was only late afternoon that I heard of what the whole market has been discussing all day long. Apparently, someone savagely cut the Marie France mupis spread all over Beirut - from the Dbayeh, to the Casino, to the Verdun area. Anyone familiar with Lebanon will find that they have been spread in demographically heterogeneous area (meaning some purely Christian, others dominately Muslim). And yet, as the news broke today, websites following extreme right Christian movements immediately blamed the Muslim fragment on trying "to dictate the way we think". Mutual paranoia broke out on morning radio shows and the agent of the hosiery and lingerie brand said that they have had unprecedented free advertising. Unconfirmed roumors tonight have suggested that the entity behind difiguring the ads was actually related to Christian Priests making the statements of the Christian extreme right movements a usual display of paranoid behavior.
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