Saturday, May 19, 2012

Antabli: Back to the source but not back to the fountain!

Photo credit: Mark @ 248 a.m. 
Photo credit: Rana Salam

We have learned from Rana Salam that Antabli is going to be back to downtown Beirut, above are the old and new logo. Rana explains that the three added stars were for the prestige bit, and well - I guess this being Antabli and all - one has to stick to Arabic caligraphy that says "super retro futuristic" (since they wanted the brand to enter 21st century). But try as I might to see the "birke" or "fountain" (note Mark's photo and the old logo having a fountain!) I could not find one in the new shop... When Souk el Barghout (flea market) was being held in downtown Beirut Antabli installed its old fountain out in the open and I even tasted lemondade there - little did I know that it was going to be an orphan feat and that the very well known fountain is to be ditched. So Antabli is back to its source in downtown but not to its fountain!....
PS: This "thing" above called the Antabli fountain has nothing to do with the old Ottoman style fountain which was the original one.

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Anonymous said...

Great rebranding.