Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exotica: Sibling rivalry and the flower power

Photo credit: Beiut Drive By Shooting
If I did not review the past two campaigns by Exotica (Christmas and Valentine's) it's because they left me unmoved - i.e. they were not bad enough to scream murder nor good enough to be in awe. Sure, whatever they do, the classic "Russian dolls" campaign will forever be the benchmark of comparison, but at least sometimes one can see glimpses of the magic such as with this new one (I still think it should be written mothers' rather than mother's day).
Well, I still do not like faces and models in the Exotica ads - how cute would it have been if the cropping of the image was done in a way to show outstretched hands behind enormous bouquets rather than torsos and a face. Still, the idea is nice and plays on the eternal sibling feud of whom mother loves best.... And of course the answer is "You're all my favourite."

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