Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Photo credit: Beirut Drive By Shooting
Considering that the Phoenicians never historically existed as a people (in the sense that there was never a population which referred to itself as "Phoenicians") and that the revival and embellishment of their story was a product of Lebanese authors during the French colonialist period, it is indeed interesting to see their symbols floating at every port... Pardon the pun...
 One of the best selling lines in Arabic for a product "el thi2a bil nafas" which means "have faith in your breath" but also, just by changing a small letter - nafas (breath) from nafes (self) - the meaning shifts from "self confidence" to "confidence in your breath" all while still implying the former. As for the rest of the campaign, now that you are so confident, might as well get a life!
The Lebanese Forces are playing the victim card, if nothing else works, always have pity on yourself. They are commemorating the umpteenth date of their dissolution as a party, but one must admit they have no lost their panache at slogans: The spring of people, the autumn of regimes.

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How is a wooden ship dating back from the 300 B.C. considered 'new'?