Thursday, November 17, 2011

USEK students shine in celebrating Football win!


After the disappointment of the Almaza ad, I gave my students in Esquisse II the challenge - to pick a brand that might be compatible with football (either in terms of eating it during the match, or related to sports at large)... And by God they shone!... From top we have Elyse Tabet who picked Middle East Airlines "bidding farewell to the Koerans", then Jessica Yaghi goes to Gilette with "we gave them a close shave", only to be followed by Yara Boulos claiming "2 are better than 1, we've got balls". Nathalie Alam chose Kleenex, "for tears of joy and sadness" (thankfully, the sadness was the Koreans). Rachelle Awad delivers a major punch, she tackles Nescafe with "the sweetest 2 in 1 ever"!!!....
So tell me guys, with such ads from people still not professionals, don't you think ad agencies ought to be ashamed for the rubbish they are launching in the market?
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