Tuesday, January 18, 2011

USEK - The fall graduates - Hiba Asbahan (Spin Dance School)

So here comes the fall graduates of USEK with Hiba Asbahan scoring head of the class for a project she invented from scratch - a dance academy called "Spin" (which signs as "Mark the tempo"). For her visual executions Hiba chose the concept of the whirlwind/Toupie as it means visually both - a movement and a spin. She applied the whole thing supremely to her various executions (latin, salsa, pop, oriental, etc...). Hiba comes with several years of experience in agenices, but alsoo has been known to teach people with disabilities - a perfect package for a newly graduate who is up for grabs. Hint: To bypass contacting me for recruiting her, try talking to her immediately on hiba_asbahan@hotmail.com

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