Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Charles Ayoub's money back guarantee...

You might have already heart of the famous Hariri words caught on tape - what is utterly strange in this is that life is indeed a boomerang. Go back to that episode where Charles Ayoub - owner and publisher of Al Diyar newspaper - headlined with a piece "Charbel Khalil el Khara" (Literally, Charbel Khalil the shit - Charbel Khalil being the writer and producer of a comedy and political satire show) and then he goes and puts in a manchette "Aoun's prostitution" (referring to change in General Michel Aoun's positions which according to him were detrimental to the Christians - at the time Aoun sued for libel and won the sum of 50 Million Lebanese Liras in compensation). In the words of Saad Hariri, Ayoub is a "whore", which is perhaps the right time for Ayoub to get back his 50 Million.... Just a suggestion!
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