Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just because hard sell does not equal silly!

Fadi Chahine
Anna-Mary Khoueiry
Pamel Nacouzi

 Reem el Assal
Alexandre Maalouf
Unfortunately you shall not be seeing these ads anywhere on the road any time soon - they are just a project for the 5th yearers at the USEK university. We simply intended to prove that announcing sales for a big supermarket (TSC) does not have to be a simply hard sell. Unfortunately, I had so much more to share but it seems that internet is being picky today, so I'll have to settle for those. Fadi Chahine brilliantly played the tune (pun intended) on the cash machine - using the verb "tslaten" (refering both to the state of extasy in music and to the name of The Sultan Center - TSC), Anna-Mary Khoueiry brought the concept of "finding whatever you didn't need" since it is the sales (everyone would be buying plenty), so here's her model actually buying a male tie - she doesn't need it, but heck, it was on sale!...
Pamela Nacouzi goes Arabic slang with the idea of "whatever's for free, get a lot of it" - so its piggy banks actually multiply. Reem El Assal found the perfect gimmick for someone who just cleared the store on sales - an exhausted car (I am not sure if the photo got uploaded). For Alexendre Maalouf, "being cheap isn't scary" with a robber actually paying for his goods because it is not worth it to steal!...
Sadly, this is but a fraction of the smart ideas I received, a lot more did not get upload due to a bad connection.


Danielle said...

I like Reem's the best! Fantastic showcase.

Anonymous said...

Nice work
and i agree with Danielle the one of Reem's so creative!