Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tayyip is unpalatable!

Whereas there has been extensive comment on the visit of Iranian president Ahmedinejad's visit to Lebanon (specifically about those who did not welcome him), the Turkish Prime Minister's Rajab Tayyip Erdogan holler over here seems to have gone down more easily... Except if you discount the many signs on the highway that basically think that Turkey sucks!... Above is one them which speicfiies that his visit is all about serving the interests of Turkey in the region (not shown is one that says "Turkey yesterday is the same as Trukey today: Cruel, unfair and an ally to the enemy")... Mostly present where the Armenians live in Lebanon, they serve as a reminder that nothing is a matter of consensus here.
Elsewhere, specifically around the Govenmental Serail were banners proclaiming "welcome attayib Erdogan" - which means "welcome to the good-hearted Erdogan", but since "tayyip" also means "tasty", well, it seems for some at least he is unpalatable.

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