Thursday, October 14, 2010

Q: What are you looking at? A: At me (amongst others)!

Newsflash: I shall be at EM Chill in Mar Mkhael this Saturday as part of the "what are you looking at?" event orchestrated by Jackson Allers - to give a glimpse of "Archewallogy" since the event centers around graffit and stencil art and all that. Frankly I wonder how one concept travelled so fluidly in academic circles, in street art circles, and even in prsons and other assorted places. Somehow it always does the trick! While I am in the wondering mood, it is also interesting for me to become a "reference" in local street art when the only time I held a spray can was for show effect (i.e. to take a photo and actually circulate it among friends!)... Anyhow, it seems I shall be there - hoping you might be there too!

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