Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nucular vs Nuclear.

Photo credit: BBC
So "nucular" is the way George W. Bush pronounces it. Nuclear is the way the rest of humanity does (Including Iran). Ahmadinejad is coming to town - "you better watch out, you better not run" - OK, so that was for Santa Claus. Well the whole city is now branded - with the Farsi translation of "welcome" - and with people disagreeing and saying "no welcome to wilayat al fakih". As long as we agree to disagree peacefully, all will be well!.... So between "Iran" and "I-Ran" where do you stand?


Salem said...

Big posters should come in handy once the weather turns wet. Just grab one once the visit ends, put it on your dripping roof and voila! Just don't forget to grab a couple of old tires to weight it all in case strong winds decide to visit.

Even in small details such as this, Iran still provides.

Unknown said...

I prefer to RUN :O)

Danielle said...

Bush. What an embarrassment! UGH. I prefer to RUN!