Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When life gives you lemon - Make coffee!

It is not a norm for Beirut/NTSC to comment on the opening of new shops around town, but the other day, I found myself with a friend in Gloria Jean's newly opened outlet in Hamra (Or on a street parallel to it). It was their first operating day, and my friend - who was sick - asked for a tea with lemon and honey. The kind staff appologized profusely for the lack of both ingredients because they were still on their ordering list. Still, him and I eventually conceded to have drinks without the said ingredients. As we sat down talking, a couple of minutes later - a very kind and smiling waitress comes in with.... a lemon! She simply went to the grocery shop next door and bought it. When it comes to excellent service, few things can top this! Needless to say that the friend in question (Who was staying in a hotel nearby) ended up squatting in the shop several times more day after day. And all of this because because of a lemon (And the zeal of a smiling, beautiful brunette waitress!)....
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