Monday, May 11, 2009

Tayyar el Mustaqbal - blue sky

So this is act III of the Future Movement campaign. Based on the Lebanese idiom "... and the sky is blue" (Wel sama zara'a) which means that what is being said is statement that will not change for all eternity. Whereas this common element is quite interesting, it is the larger fonts that keep worrying me "we will not forget..." or "we will not leave you..." or "they will not come back...." statements which talk about - respectively - Rafic Hariri (the slain ex-prime minister and founder of the "movement" before his son Saad made it a party), Saad Hariri, and the "old regime" (Dubbed as "the syro-lebanese intelligence system). A clear reference that since the party does not have any new claims, it hides itself in the nostalgia of the bygone.
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