Monday, May 11, 2009

Horizontal and diagonal according to Carlos Edde

Carlos Edde presses on the assault. After the initial trigger, here comes his follow up which in in direct retaliation to the Free Patriotic Movement and to the Hizbullah.... To the latter the campaign can be read horizontaly to mean: "Resistance/ (to the) State", "arms/(instead of) army", "war/(in lieu of) security".... Or diagonally so that it becomes "resistance/arms/war" vs "state, army, security." As for the former, the campaign goes horizontally "Rehabilitation/ (of their) values", "change/(of their principles) principles", "sabotage/ (instead of) work"... Or vertically, "rehabilitation, change, sabotage" vs "values, principles, work." A good campaign which outweighs the candidate in question.
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