Monday, May 11, 2009

A stray campaign... and a matter of identification

For a while now, I have been observing an unsigned campaign which only runs in the Batroun region. The campaign is unsigned as such, it has three visuals. One says "we have fixed the line, and got attached to the land" (Which also reads as "we have fixed the course of thought and made anchor in the land"), the second refers to a verses from a song by Feyrouz "how far is the sky, as far as the sky goes we love you" (The lyrics we tweaked a bit), and the third goes "free patriotic connection in communications and transport." I am getting the hint that the campaign is correlated to the Minister of Telecommunications and son in law of the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement who recently launched a major campaign for making the cell phone lines "fixed" (instead of temporary) and the "free patriotic" words in the slogan seem also to be related to him as he is running on a seat in that department. However, with the campaign being unsigned all of this is mere speculation. One campaign caught my attention in the north which is for the Zgharta el Zawye list which depicts a girl with the Lebanese flag painted on her cheek (As it was of so fashionable during the days of the cedar revolution) and contrasted with a man holding a Kalashnikov (To which part he belongs I know not) with the headline "which one resembles you more?"... If only the answer was so obvious to the northern people known for their vandettas and their whimsical moods!
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