Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a tragedy... with no one to love you (Going nowhere!)

Yes, I know, that's a lot of pictures, but these are the compilations of parodies - or at least the highlights of them - found in the market these days.... Let's begin with PM Fouad Siniora: Parody 1: A play on words on "zay ma hiyya" (Which means "throw the electoral list in the urns as it is without crossing any candidate") with Siniora's face inside the veil of Bahia Hariri - his current major ally in the electoral battle - with the words now twisted into "zay ba hiyya". Carlos Edde: Parody 1: Bachir Gemayel - founder of the Lebanese Forces now allied with Edde - saying "Now this is the one who will continue the path?" Pardoy 2: In reference to Edde's own parody of the FPM "Right/wrong" only this one saying in a children's languange "Goody/Baddy." Future movement: Parody 1: A parody of the "and the sky is blue" with "You will not win and the sky is blue" Parody 2: A palm tree (Date tree) instead of the cedars inside the flag to symbolize the heavy allignance with Saudi Arabia. Pardody 3: With the words "zay ma hiyya" we have the face-off between "the beauty and the beast" - the young lady of the FPM ad and the fundamentalist voting for the future (With a photo of him from a previous riot). Lebanese Forces: Parody 1: A play on their own "your vote will change all the picture" with the photo of allies Samir Geagea and Walid Joumblatt in a less than friendly pose. Pardoy 2: Same origin but this time "your vote can change all the bad breed" in reference to the words of Walid Joumblatt about the Maronites with whom he is now allied (taken from a cell phone amateur recording) Parody 3: Originally the FL's "you can do nothing" only this time instead of the destroyed house with the man looking at it, it's the body of a sensuous woman with the line "you can do nothing" and then "or you can play with yourself." Parody 4: Changing the pciture once more, but again, the photo in the background is a riot this time associated with the Futre Movement, allies with the FL. Parody 5: Instead of "sois belle et vote" the "your vote can change all the picture" slogan" with the photo of a heavily veiled Islamic woman and that of Saad Hariri in traditional Saudi dress (It is to note that he has double nationality). March 14: Parody 1: "Your vote for a 100 Dollars only" and then the signature "only a donkey would vote for us" Young guns collective parody: Parody 2: A school bus with Neyla Tueni, Nadim Gemayel and Sami Gemayel (Yes, they are cousins), with a seat empty for Michel Mouawad with his mother - MP Neyla Mouawad and widow of President Rene Mouawad - in a "headmistress" dress saying "micho... go on mummy, you'll be late for the bus." Parody 2: Neyla Tueni and Nadim Gemayel on the sleeve of a children's album. Pardoy 3: Again Tueni and N. Gemayel with her on a bad hair and skin day - a photo from adolescence most likely - with again, a reference to the innocence of childhood. Parody 4: Instead of Tueni's own "in defence of the great Lebanon" it reads "in defence of the great Saad (Hariri)" Saad Hariri: Parody 1: Showing him again in Saudi national dress with "Lebanon first" underneath. Neyla Mouawad parody: Parody 1: Instead of the photo of the young girl with a Lebanese flag on her face opposed to a fighter with a Kalashnikov, the photo now juxtaposes Mouawad with the FPM ad girl - now the question underneath "who resembles you more" becomes only too tricky! FPM parody: Parody 1: The eBay logo with the "tayyar" word (Which is a short for FPM in Arabic) and then "we will help you sell yourself, your principles and your country."
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