Monday, May 18, 2009

CPL - somewhere on the border of the official campaign.

Somewhere at the edge of the official campaign of the Free Patriotic Movement come these visuals. The first visual says "ma-tar 49 malyoun Dollar chou nater tghayyer?" which doubles in meaning as "49 million Dollars have vanished what are you waiting to change?" and also "air...port 49 million... etc", keeping up with the airport theme the campaign - which I have received as an email - continues "arrival to change in June 7" and then "departure from corruption in June 7". Joining the fray about changing the minimum age of voting which was passed as a recommendation rather than as a law in the parliament the ad goes "At 18, drive, at 21, vote," in reference to the minimum age of holding a driver's license in Lebanon. The campaign to attract immigrants to come to vote headlined "don't let your vote outside" (Outside of Lebanon and outside of the urns), and then - yes, I am aware it is too late but it is only now that I found the right photo - "Fo...sah majid" which simply translates into "Happy Easter" but also with the "sah" being part of the word Easter in Arabic the FPM did not miss that chance to include it as a festive greeting.
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