Friday, May 15, 2009

I left my heart in.... Zahle!

So after waiting for the Zahle-Bil-Aleb (Zahle in the heart) campaign to share their visuals with me, but to no avail, I resorted to a friend who dowloaded them from facebook - what an anti-climax! Anyhow, after thinking for a very long time these were ads by the tourism board of Zahle or something, they turned out to be the March 14 campaign there (Written in small font somewhere on the posters but in a font that resembles "terms and conditions apply")... However, I did like the lines a lot as they were taken from the heart of the Zahle language and idiom specifically - althought not pictured above - the one that said "Zahle, Zahle, Zahletna wel marajel adetna" (Zahle, our Zahle, and macho attitude is our tradition), or the other enticing "Zahle ya dar el aman fiki tjamma'a le'esoudi" (Zahle house of tranquility, the place where lions converged). Anyhow, maybe if the tourism aspect had been a little less prominent the campaign could have hit its target better, but the mix is not too far off from the right trail.
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