Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First a drip... then a flood of idiocy!

The farther we go the sillier it gets!... Someone ought to call the plumber for the new Phalangists' ad (Kataeb)... OK, so it says "Aren't you tired of recklessness? Vote for a program not a slogan" which is not all too bad - except that the valve is still dripping and the plumber still did not show up. Interestingly, there's another ad in town right now for Shammas Aluminum which says "Of course, of course not even one drop of water" (For their glass curtain section) and which shoes a faucet that is tied so as not to drip. Maybe the Phalangists' ought to try Shammas as a solution! Future movement, after what we all though was the bottom of barrel in terms of communication, managed to oudo themselves with the ridiculous follow up: "Work first", "Constitution first", "Prosperity first" et je m'en passe then below the signature "vote first." I think the intention is therefore to say for example "economy first, but you must vote first." However, Future Movement does not tell you what kind of interpretation of the constitution we are talking about, or what kind of economy they propose, or what level of work it is being suggested... By drowning themselves in even more generalities, Future Movement produce a flop which outdoes their original outing.
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