Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Du cote de chez Kesserwan

On the Kesserwan front, "the supporters of" (Yes, not him, his supporters :) ) Naemtallah Abi Nasr posted a mega banner depicting him as "stubborn when right", Fares Bouez claims he has "honesty, vision, decision" but it was Carlos Edde (Unworthy heir of one of Lebanon's most Shrewd politicians and the head of the Ketle Wataniyye (The national bloc) - started by his uncle Raymond Edde - but bastardized under his "leadership") who dared do a parody on the FPM's "right" and "wrong" ad simply by flipping them. Naturally, anything orange in color is now trademarked to talk about FPM. Again, it is one of those cases of retaliation. His other ad in says "in all honesty" - well, "in all honesty" it sucks!
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