Monday, May 18, 2009

Farid is not unique

In the last elections when Farid Haykal El Khazen was told that someone called Farid Elias El Khazen was running against him in the same department he said: "Who is that one? Probably someone they threw in the race as a decoy to confuse my electorate." Now, the practise has been done before with parties nominating people with the same name as their adversaries to throw in confusion while throwing the correct name on the ballot... Except that in this case, maybe Farid Haykal ought to have done his research on one of the most heavyweight intellectuals of the country, Ph.D. holder in political science, ex-head of department at the American University of Beirut and that's just the first two lines of his CV. Actually, Farid means unique in English and the website of Farid Haykal is whereas that of Farid Elias is - just one letter seperating them... Seperating the heir of a feudal family who though claims in his ads that he "believes in the bread of the poor" (Yes, he must have heard about it from beggars around his Mercedes) and one of the most respected minds of the land. Sadly, this means that Farid is not unique, and in the case of Farid Haykal we are only too happy.
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