Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bitter-sweet retaliations

Meet Michel el Murr, whose family name translates itno "bitter", who is now in alliance with the Phalangists in the Metn region. Now, the phalangists' slogan is "vote for a program, not a slogan" which probably led his bitterness to headline - inspired from the name of his list "the metni saving list" - "no to the slogan, yes for the saving". So, they are brothers in arms and cousins in advertising. Now meet Sejaan Azzi - Phalangist running in Kesserwan - his slogan, quite effective I must add, goes "My ballot is for you" or "my voice is for you" insuring the voters that whatever they wish to happen, he would carry for them to the parliament. Last but not least, introducing Charles Ayoub, publisher of Addiyar newspaper who ran - in his own words - because of "the debauchery" of Aoun (Leader of the FPM) and the "flirtiness" of March 14th... He is positioning himself as the candidate for a strong Christian role, and he even headlines "We do not want the Maronite who is affiliated to the shiite (In reference to Aoun's alliance with the Hizbullah), we do not want the Christian who is affiliated to the Sunnite (In reference to the Christian of March 14 under the umbrella of Saad Hariri), we want the Maronite Maronite, yes for the strong Christian role" - however, Ayoub was fine 50 Million Lebanese Pounds (A little more than 33,000) Dollars for diffamation against Aoun.
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