Monday, April 7, 2008

Little Miss Daniela

Seperated at birth? Well, sort of! The new Daniela Tobler campaign (A Lebanese (?) brand of denim which has entered the market only a couple of years ago and which is making a killing in terms of sales) is very close to the theme of "Little Miss Sunshine." But instead of getting a "family at the edge of a breakdown" you get to have a bunch friends having a problem with their yellow VW Camper (What a coincidence) and who have to push it until the engine gets into gear (Again, what a coincidence) as those inside the van are giving their hands to those outside (At the risk of sounding repetitive: What a coincidence), which only gets the bond between the tribe closer. But in defence of Daniela Tobler, the campaign is a marked improvement from the atraucious photos they used to display and it even adds a zest of premature summer feel to the city - which is all welcome considering the weather is changing.

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