Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And that's 33!

In pure cinematographic talk, "And that's 33" refers to the famous scene between Andie McDowell and Hugh Grant in "Four weddings and a funeral" whereby she admits she has had her "fair share" of sexual partners. In this week's installment of Lebanese politics, it simply marks 33 years since the civil war has started. With more than 17,500 people whose wherabouts are still unknown, with some people living with endless physical pain or psychological scars, with deaths by the thousands and injured by the tens of thousands... The civil society is waking up because the dreadful act ought not be repeated. Even though the war officially ended in 1991, I wonder if there was any "peace" since then. Yesterday, the media landscape in Lebanon did a very praise-worthy initiative... Several newspapers (Not all of them sadly) carried out a main "manchette" that said "All of Lebanon refuses another 13 April (With a X on the words) and hangs on to the country's unity in a republic that preserves peace and harbors human rights and freedom of citizens." It is a small step, but if the press that is seriously divided among political fractions can find this statement as a common intersection then maybe the whole war hasn't gone to waste. Maybe we did learn something. Even at 33.
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