Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making ads out of nothing at all....

Few things are more difficult for an advertiser than to do an ad for obvious topics where the possiblity of maneouvering is almost nul.... Such categories include "timely ads" (How many new ways are there to say Merry Christmas?) or electronics with a niche target audience and the like. And yet, brilliance sometimes strikes and the results come out as nothing short of outstanding.
Above are a few cases in point... The Kenwood mothers' day ad (Mothers' day falls with the advent of spring in Lebanon) - Kenwood is offering a free scale with every purchase of a kitchen mixer and since women (Mothers included) like to watch their weight, it is only normal to offer one for the occasion, but it is the headline that transforms this ad from a banal offer to a nice piece of advertising: "Treat your mother on a grand scale"....
The second shining example is for a device for diabetics called "lifescan"... The Arabic headline reads "So as for the sugar level not to play up" and instead of the sugar cubes in the visual next to the coffee we see two backgammon dices!
The third comes from Midea air conditioners which used the Arabic slang idiom "forget the clippers" (Said when one is told to let go of something) and used it litterally to advertise that their air conditioners do not need maintenance.
Maybe, after all, there ARE new ways of saying Merry Christmas!
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