Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The above villa, located in the upscale Area of Kaslik on the coast of Lebanon, is an architectural jewel. I have to admit that I played the "lazy reporter" by not inquiring directly about its architect or history, but it still remains a stunning example of the modernist architecture which visited Lebanon in the 50s and 60s. Somehow it also reminds me of the famous "Schroeder house" - one of the emblems of the Bauhaus architecture. Sadly, the villa seems deserted now and its backyard filled with plastic rubbish.... But yet, with its quiet reclusiveness, its unflashy beauty, its minimalistic lines, and its perfect blending with the environment it is an incredible work which makes the two "centers" next to it look even more ugly and intrusive than they originally are.
One of its most stunning features is how the balcony on the first floor is actually build AROUND the pine tree.... Notice how the tree stands there phagocyted by the balcony in an act of total osmosis and harmony. Leaves one speechless....
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