Monday, September 3, 2007

Deliver - us from evil

Narguile - or hubbly bubbly - is the most flourishing smoking trend in the Middle East. Basically dead as a social has-been and confined to boring elders, it has wintnessed a revival only matched by the Adidas resurrection as uber-cool. But the problem is, whereas naguile gives you cancer, Adidas doesn't. But so widespread is its use among the youth, the middle-aged and the seniors that no going-out is now forseeable if there's no narguile on the table. It has invaded all social classes and age groups, in private and public settings, that there's now numerous shops all round Beirut who deliver narguile to your house. One can see barely adolescent boys driving scooters and holding a narguile in one hand or - worse - holding a bucket full of flaming charcoals (That are used on top to light it) on their way to a client. The above two pictures show one such "delivery" place and an internet cafe offering one hour free internet with every narguile.
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