Thursday, September 13, 2007

He who sees us with one eye...

Lately, I was craving for a good steak and mashed potatoes and so I went to Roadster diner next to Sagesse school in Achrafieh. The meal was good, and feeling a bit of an indulegence, I asked my waiter for the dessert menu. I eventually chose the "Marbled mud pie" - which is described as some sort of ice cake with chocolate and caramel syrup. It was easily one of the best desserts in town and the waiter spared no effort in topping it generously with the syrups. Not wanting to linger too much, I asked for my check. As I opened it, I read the following: Date Sept 06,07 Time: 9:36 Terminal 10 0544201 Outlet # 054402 Purchase Visa Exp: 10/08 Amount LBP23500 Tip Total I accept the transaction Signature: Thank you Cardholder copy So, what's wrong with this bill? What's wrong is that only the soft drinks and the steak dish were included. As I sat on the bar, I gently called the waiter again reminding him of the omission of the tasty mud pie. Being a bartender who doubled as a waiter, he immediately went to the end of the bar, talked to the manager who was behind the main cash register, and less than 10 seconds later he was back. As I opened the leather check holder, I realized the bill has not changed, it was still, 23,500. Viewing my puzzlement, he said "Well, the mud pie is on the house. Thank you for reminding us of its omission." And so I remembered the Lebanese proverb that went: He who sees us with one eye, we see him with both (Meaning, if anyone is good to us, we are good to him twice as much).
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