Monday, February 19, 2007

The lighter side of loving life!

... And so finally, the real Lebanese gene has kicked in: Turning everything into a caricature helps everything become bearable. Above, are two "email" twists for the "I love life" campaign.... The first mimicks the new installments of the campaign which go "I am going to work", or "I am going to class", or "I am staying here" (Which are all supposedly positive messages that celebrate life - yawn!), with someone's own interpretation: "I am going to get laid"... Hey, now THAT is a celebration of life!
And the second assures that we love life, if we wasn't for our assortment of Lebanese politicians (From left: Hassan Nasrallah, Michel Aoun, Samir Geagea, Fouad Siniora, Emile Lahoud, Nabih Berri, Walid Joumlat, and Suleiman Frangieh).
Ah! I love life with such spoof ads!
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