Thursday, February 22, 2007

Siblou: Hardee-ly worth praising

Beirut/NTSC has finally decided that "enough was enough!"... No more "I love (Insert whatever idiocy here)".... Just when we thought it was all over, Siblou decides to join the hoards of flatlined advertising with their own "I love (fish)"... Paradoxically, the Siblou logo appears on a simulatneous campaign - which seems to be run jointly with Hardee's, this time though, they get it right: "Fish" in Lebanese idiom (Specially that spoken in the mountains) means "there is nothing more" and "atyab" means "delicious"... So by using the word fish amalgamed with a wink to local culture, Hardee's managed to sell briliantly its fish meal (With the fish being provided by Siblou). Being in a time of fasting (Prior to Easter) fish is a "white meat" many people covet at this stage. Unfortunately, when Siblou tried to act as a grown up and run its own campaign, somehow it failed miserably.
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