Wednesday, April 8, 2015

黄色の矩形 - Rectangle Jaune big in Japan

The new Rectangle Jaune catalogue is being revealed by the company's creative director Maya Metni, in previous seasons, we had a taste of Hockney, Oscar Wilde and now comes Tokyo Fever. Yes, I do love the feel, the art direction, and damn me - for a conservative brand such as Rectangle Jaune - the vibrant colors still with a hint of upscalishness to them (it's me who changed, not them!). A twitter exchange showed that save from a green tutu and a Miyake Pleats Pleats skirt one is to expect all of this in the shops soon (also the bags shown are by Waste LB and not done in fancy leather like the Fendi monster!). Readers may not know that anime books are read the same way Arabic books are read (front to back when compared to Latin books), according to Maya, the company thought it outlandish to do the catalogue this way, still big thumbs up for the suggestion.
Below is the full catalogue for our collective enjoyment!

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