Thursday, August 14, 2014

Beautiful graffiti vanishes in Hamra

Hamra mural before (1)
Hamra mural after (1)
Hamra mural before (2)
Hamra mural after (2)
My most preferred piece of graffiti in Beirut has been painted over "warning from the ministry of heath, thinking can lead to dangerous and deadly diseases" - now it's been painted over as "Parking". The other graffiti which was done by Yazan Halwani (adorning the parking's ticket booth) and which was already defaced (I think by the same nutso who was defacing all graffiti in town with Christian religious stuff written with his handwriting next to them) is now gone. Fayrouz, our national diva which was on the original is now back though, albeit on a while background.

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