Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Farah Samman's great design for Julia's album

Let's face it, Arab singers have horrible designers working for them - it is so very rare for the albums to be well designed and what's worse are the concert promotions which are usually horrendous collages of photos of several people badly cropped and intermingled mish-mashed together. Sure, you will now accuse me of being biased considering the new album by Julia Boutros has been designed by Farah Samman - someone with whom I have collaborated frequently in the past. Actually, it's the other way around it's because I was so impressed with her work that we started collaborating. So there, the design of Julia's new album and concert promotions are stunning! Everything from the typo to the choice of images, to the overall feel and positioning of the artist (if I am not mistaken the images are by Mokhtar Beirut - actually, if the choice was mine I'd have put the image of Julia in that majestic Tom Ford gown on the cover of the album).
Failing to find the original here's a snapshot of the photo in question from Julia's website
In other words it's a very refershing change to have an artist in the Arab world who cares enough to give a distinguished package - not just a singing product.

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