Friday, June 20, 2014

Alfa and Touch - the new telecom rates ads

 New telecom rates have necessarily given way to new campaigns from the cell phone companies operating in Lebanon, both Alfa and Touch have taken over the airwaves with their ads. 
Alfa goes with "a news worth doing a share for" when it comes tot their internet bundles, and "news worth listening to" for the reduction on prepaid cards.
Touch went with "deliver everything you have" for all stuff related to internet bundles, and "tell all your stories" for the prepaid cards.
Conveying complex schemes in simple visuals made either to appear fleetingly on the net or on the highway on billboards while still relaying sensitive data and price changes is no easy task. One has to know exactly what to stress without coming off as misleading, it also needs not to be too braggy because otherwise the companies would have to justify the total rip off they were enjoying in the past (if they can afford the new prices, they certainly could have afforded changing them way back then!).
To a certain extend both Alfa and Touch end up doing a decent job even if I am sure their margins of profit are still respectable. Or rather not respectable.

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