Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slim oil - too stupid to be real.

Sure, sure, everyone wants a tie-in with football... And Slim Oil is no exception. So voila, we have the stupidest ad of the whole World Cup. Well, at least in Lebanon, not sure though if this is indeed the stupidest across the universe though it is a serious contender I am sure. And please, don't anyone see phallic symbols there what's with all those corn cobs being ahem... erected? Anyhow, of course, this being an idiotic comparison the "goalie" is called "Habib" (or sweetheart). Why? Because of Mazola and their slogan "Habib el alb" (the sweetheart). Of course we get also sunflowers cheering for corn, that too makes sense. And sure enough Slim wins only to reveal the slogan "ya salam ya Slim" which is probably inspired by the Salim Salam bridge in Beirut more than it is by anything related to the product.
Stupid, and silly - and thankfully it came this early in the game as I doubt anything more catastrophic can emerge after this one.

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