Saturday, June 21, 2014

Another round up (but it's scrapping the barrel).

I admit, I had to resort to my unpublished photos to make my round up today so much the market seems so empty these days (and yet it's full-on summer)!
 AFDC (Association for Forests, Development and Conservation) bring us "Albi min el nar lawi" which means "my heart is the fire is scorched", originally a lovers' term to express affection but in this case it is about preventing wildfires.
 I have no idea why the Beirut Traders' Association would come up with a campaign at all, and why if they chose to do so they come up with this. Yes, it's patriotic with words the shape of the cedar tree surrounded by the Lebanese flag's red borders - "dialogue, trust, growth: Lebanon. A hope for a modern state". Go figure what it means and why it is here and whom it targets.
 Kallas... Well, I have to admit they got this one right - after all it is HER wedding, not their wedding (I remember that scene from the Sex and the City movie where carry realizes that Mr. Big had cold feet because it was all about her, and never them!) and the headline is "me, myself and my wedding!" (Grooms are optional apparently).
 BeitMisk our upscale village has even its festival... I like the idea to be honest, makes it looks as a self-sufficient enclave (OK, one for rich people but still). A l'affiche, we have Goran Bergovic and Yuri Buenaventura - in other words the Pablo Cuelho of music, foreign enough to be exotic and easy enough for the uncultured (despite their immense musical talent) and show-off material for the ticket holders.
You know it's brands like NTG which amaze me, they are everywhere and yet we don't notice them (it is after seeing that ad that I noticed I had installed an NTG tank!) "khezzenetna hofzit Lebnen karjet may". Karjet may means being able to recite something from memory very easily, but literally means "water going down"... So "our tanks have memorized Lebanon" and "our tanks are able to hold water from going down". What's not to love?

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