Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Co working +961 vs Biskrem from Ulker. Any ideas?

When Co Working +961 came into the scene, apart from the original excitement, there was also the puzzle as to why one would - in the present day and time - come up with such a bad logo. Today, I saw the same "image" pretending to be a logo (which I am now assuming it might be a modified clipart) in an ad for Ulker's Biskrem. I am not saying Ulker nicked it, or whatever (one would say so about creative material). I am just wondering if anyone knows if the original logo for Co Working +961 was indeed a "generic image" from some visual suitcase. Actually, the Ulker people even went "creative" with it as they inserted their biscuit in the head of one of the people in their ads rendering him thus more efficient at work. If there's any theories of proofs as to the origin of the Co Working logo I am ready to listen.

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