Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There's 9,116 women who did not give a damn....

The numbers are in! Beirut Marathon seems to be oh-so-happy that 9,117 women ran in the Women's Marathon race forgetting the fact that when M&C Saatchi MENA staged a stunt for March NGO as directed by Lucien Bourjeily, whereby a man came and snatched his wife and started beating her in public, none of the women in the marathon did anything about it whereas they were supposed to be running for women's empowerment (hashtag #irony).
So frankly if i were the Marathon association, I would pack and shut up instead of exposing the number of the women who did not give a damn as to the plight of another woman (9,116 to be exact) and who thought being in a women's empowering marathon is a good way to spend a Sunday morning (and burn some calories) as they wash the guilt off their conscience by pretending to be "doing something".

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