Saturday, July 13, 2013

Coworking +961 minus the visual incentive

I am all for coworking, car-pooling, cost cutting measures, whatever else one does to split costs and other measures one adopts to lessen the burden of overheads and encourage start ups. But since "information is only as good as it looks" sadly, the atrocity above masquerading as a logo for coworking +961 is one less incentive for anyone to check out the beautiful surroundings of the Sursock Palace gardens where the place is located. Well, with whatever access one has these days to designers who don't mind entering in competitions just to have their name on the marquee, or for people willing to trade services in exchange for other benefits (hmmm, that's an idea, give some talented designer a space to work there in exchange for a decent corporate identity!), we ended up with... "a horse drawn by a committee".

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