Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Valentine ads round up!

A first batch of Valentine's ads have already been featured on Beirut/NTSC - which you can find here - and then the stand out campaign by Flower Town, which is here, and the Exotica ad came way too early (no pun!) here...
Now let's wrap it up with the rest of them:
Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon came up with a way to fund themselves as one automatically supports them by shopping at certain popular outlets. A very nice initiative, I thought it would make a much better match with Brave Heart Fund though (as the theme of the heart is way more apparent there).
Damas Jewelry headlines "stay close to the her heart" with a pendant which does exactly that. Sometimes it's the simplest things that make sense for lovers and frankly this does inspire class in the execution and colors.
Diamony lingerie is here with a (if I am not mistaken recycled ad) of "Valentize me" - I am not too convinced then again I am not a woman so perhaps this does not tackle my sensibilities.
The best way to kill a nice idea is to over expose it, something which Douaihy is consistently doing with the "helou" concept (which in Arabic doubles as "sweet" and "handsome"). It fits for Valentine but now sadly it is overdone and boring.
Khoury Home is trying to move away seriously from its previous hard sell ads - still unable to find a common style, at least we give them the credit for trying. Unexpected gifts and unexpected ads. They're getting there, keep trying.
And we wrap up with Maghrabi Optical with its own "Love is not blind, it just needs the right glasses".
And if all else fails, try the anti-Valentine messages of Bebe and empower yourself.
So go out and have yourself a great Valentine... Unless a Kia passes you by - this is when you know you are in trouble.

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