Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flower Town: The rose, the thorn, and the campaign.

Research credit: Georges (thank you for all the support!)
So it was not a joke or a hoax after all!... At first we all did but it turns out it is true. Flower Town which is situated in the southern suburb of Beirut where a lot of the explosions happened as of late, is daring lovers to go there, do check in on foursquare, and get their rose to prove to their love and their ability to risk their lives - literally - for their beloved. And the best part? It comes from Impact/BBDO - a place which has not been exactly on my go to list in terms of brilliant advertising. Let's hope this bring them back to top shape. I am actually off to Flower Town to send them a bouquet myself to congratulate them, and if I don't come back - probably it's not an explosion that killed me but all those "well-wishers" who are frequenting my blog as of late!

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