Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jackie Chamoun inspired Ads! UPDATED

Research credit: PS, MI, GH

And so it was bound to happen! Brands jumping on the bandwagon following the Jackie Chamoun debacle!
First we have Almaza which is seriously back in shape with "ma talla3touni min tyebe" a Lebanese idiom which means "you stripped me out of of my clothes" (which is said when one is angry about something) - and the second is Al Rifai nuts who contributed to its own #stripforjackie hashtag with a peanut devoid of its shell!
Here's one more from Khoury Home.
And one from Our Wellbeing
And the Lebanese Hunting Club:
And then Absolut (most likely a spoof even if the others are real).
Research credit: G.H.
No Garlic No Onions steps into the ring:
Via Rana Moughabghab
And Exotica:
Research credit: P.C.

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