Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Of #Olympic_whores and threatened males

I am opening a serious can of worms here, but Sultan Hilali the Saudi Arabian man who initiated the hashtag (in arabic) #Olympic_whores (#عاهرات_الاولمبياد) to describe his two female compatriots who made it to the Olympics in London  2012 Wijdan Ali Sraj (Judo) and Sarah Attar (sprint) reminds me of the idiot who initiated the twitter account @porn_jackie...
I know to some the comparison of two women who wore the hijab while practicing sports would never equate to one who undressed for a photoshoot (and who is being penalized as we speak in the domain she was sent to represent Lebanon in, namely skiing in the Olympics being held at Sochi).
Is there a similarity between Jackie Chamoun, Wijdan and Sarah?
Actually, their main crime is that they have been born females.
That in itself is a blasphemy. And the man who initiated the silly hashtag is just as threatened in his masculinity as the one who opened the twitter account about Jackie. Two males who know that they cannot suppress women any longer, they know that soon they will prove their worth and send the likes of him packing. That's enough reason and motive to ridicule, insult and marginalize Jackie, Wijdan and Sarah.
Two of them were overdressed and one was under dressed, but the real whores are those who claim chastity while fearing for these females' morals when in truth they fear for their own insignificant egos.
Neither Hr. Hilali nor the imbecile who opened the twitter account about Jackie made it to the Olympics.
But Wijdan, Sarah and Sarah did.

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