Sunday, February 2, 2014

Exotica ad works for Valentine's, and that's a bad omen

Frankly sometimes I am embarrassed on behalf of Exotica. As soon as they make an interesting ad, they go on and make two successive ones that fail to make a splash. Which is why I am hesitating to say I like their Valentine's ad (not because the ad is not good, but because this means it's a bad omen for their Mothers' day and their Easter ads that will come!). So yes, this one is indeed nice - interestingly, whenever they hit the mark it's always without models or faces! It's always best when their ads are without human presence as such. I love this idea of love strategy and tactics (yes, we have always been there before, trying to choreograph every move so as - by accident - we meet our love interest by the water cooler of the office or whatever...). And so there - one up, two down to go!

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