Sunday, November 10, 2013

The kataeb and the (slogan of) loving Lebanon

 Picture taken from Maria Chakhtoura's "La guerre des graffiti"

It is interesting how things run in circles. The slogan above "you love it... then work for it" (with the map of Lebanon) was featured in a Kataeb poster during the war. The grandson of the Kataeb founder, named after his grandfather, Pierre Gemayel who died on November 21rst 2006, was during his tenure as a minister of the industry and labor known for his slogan "you love Lebanon? Then love its industry" (so much the slogan was the driving theme of a commemoration of his death last year as shown in the evidence below).
 Which brings us to this year's commemoration of his passing away (which usually becomes a political event with the dead person somewhere in the backdrop) which headlines "You love Lebanon? Don't love any other (country)".
And to this that all of this started with a poster during the war.

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