Sunday, November 10, 2013

Beirut nightlife: Ne-on lights for ne-off places

 Bella Napoli
 Bella Napoli
 Cabaret Eve
 Capriccio Restaurant Night Club
 The Horseshoe Cafe
 John Manera Restaurant
 Kit Kat Nightclub
 La Macumba Nighclub
 La Tour Nightclub
 Le Grillon Restaurant
 Bar Le Tabou
 Les Caves du Roy Nightclub
 Lido Nightclub
 Piccadilly Theatre
 Pont Royal Restaurant
 Shan'grilla Restaurant
 Shan'gilla Restaurant
Venus Super Nightclub

Let's go out tonight! Let's go to all those defunct places, let's go down memory lane, let's try to unearth a past which is no longer there and which might never have been. Let's live the legend and go with the myth and be oblivious of the tragedies lurking below. A series made from the ne-on lights of ne-off places.
The above were taken from movies shot in Lebanon, hence the grainy quality which was readjusted to my sensibilities digitally.

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