Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why I said no to an Annahar interview.

I guess, as a blogger, since I do not accept paid ads, freebies, gifts, and God knows whatever else other people accept to "review" or "mention", the best I can hope for is additional exposure. And what could that be than being interviewed by Nahar Ashabab (the youth supplement for Annahar) and having an article and a portrait included there.
For whatever its faults, Annahar still commands high readership, if only as a "heritage" (i.e. brand residue and catering to a specific political point of view - March 14/Hariri/Anti-Iranian) as opposed to fresh scoops and interesting analysis. It is bewildering that such an institution is not even aware they have invited the blogger who spoofed them for their 80th anniversary and the same one who wrote a rather unflattering article about the woman who currently heads the newspaper.
This in itself confirms how lagging behind Annahar has come to be. Sure, I could have played on their ignorance (if they have no idea who I am, why should I tell them?), and viewing my writing skills which have been sharpened by two decades of reporting I could have easily wrote an article (which on face value was neutral) but which was an implicit criticism of their stand (or lack of it) and the way they have become (on second reading).
Except I chose the Kantian way of doing things - the "categorical imperative" (doing the right thing for the right reason). It might be "self sabotage" (at least that's what a close friend thinks), but to be honest, I would feel much better about myself knowing I did things this way.

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