Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sights and sounds from around town

 Al Mawarid bank has this retro 80s ad running (at least in poster format) - "iyyam el loulou el marwarid fawwaloulou" (in reference to the Sabah-Samir Toufic song "iyyam el loulou" (the ownership of the song was disputed by the two divas even if Sabah ended up conceding it was Toufic who recorded it first). The line means "in the days of glory, the Mawarid filled up his card" (the card gives you free gasoline upon use).
 BeitMisk, that swanky village for the haves as opposed to the have nots, has its own downtown - hey, privilege begets privilege, the name however leaves much to be desired "Misktown". Quite bland to be honest.
 And here's one I really like! I know, forget that cluttered layout and the use of typography which is baffling, but the headline is breathtaking "2ishou ma2na el salam" you see the word "ma3na" can refer to "with us" or "the meaning of" depending on how it is written at the end. So the ad is "discover peace with us" or "discover the meaning of peace", all courtesy of workshops by the Red Cross youth section.
This one left me scratching my head. "Heroes" it says, and it is signed by the Lebanese Forces. Is this a tribute to the Lebanese Army? Why and how come? Is there a hidden message here from the Lebanese Forces about its own past as a far right Christian militia? I am referring to one of their older posters during the war, specifically this:

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