Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sweet rivalry turns parental advisory

Research credit: Geoana Hobeiche

Remember the first shots between Douaihy and Hallab? These were cute, fun and had at least a nice ring to the rivalry. Then out of nowhere, there comes Al Baba sweets meddling into the affair with this small facebook post "Daddy says go to sleep you two sweet ones" - Al Baba in Arabic means "father" or "daddy"... So basically, the message for the other two is clear. Frankly, I don't think this is as strong or interesting as the original spat, and not only that, in Arabic, it is so badly written it makes the sentence look truncated (the last two words could easily be read "go to bed you sweet one and")!
Oddly, try as I might to find an Al Baba sweets location in Jounieh, I couldn't (remember that Jounieh was the territorial dispute of the original duel between Douaihy and Hallab)... So, why meddle into what's none of their business?

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