Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Neckermann Beirut cult commercial.

Forgot those "is it Rio?" ads, or whatever has been used to market Beirut, this is the original and unequalled take of Neckermann on our city. Yes "it's like Beirut" back when the city was bubbling with champagne and underneath a whole society was bubbling to reach the war - for let us not forget that the jet setting excesses contributed to the overall souring of the mood. But that was reading the events in 20/20 hindsight... So enjoy this clip, a reminder of what once was - or perhaps never have been.


L said...

Loved it. Pinned it. Thank you for sharing.
You are right: "the age of innocence" that was not as innocent as it seemed.

Tarek Chemaly said...

People often forget that, apart fromt he geopolitical circumstances, income disparity and the high inequality between people who only "heard" about the exesses of the jet set (but according to one person "did not even have the money to go see the lights even from afar") was also another cause of the war.